Thermo cover for tub 200cm

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The thermo cover for the tub is suitable for all hot tubs with an outer diameter of 200cm.

The choice of colors – black, gray, brown.

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The thermal lid for the tub is suitable for all hot tubs (both with an external and integrated oven) with an external diameter of 200cm. The lid of the tub prevents dust, leaves and other small debris from entering the tub water, so the water in the tub stays clean longer. Also, the lid of the tub will help to heat the water faster, since the coolness of the outside will not fall inside the tub and the heat will linger inside the tub. After enjoying water therapy and taking a break between bathing, cover the tub with a lid. In this way, you will retain heat in the tub longer, even if you stop burning it.

The thermo cover is resistant to various weather conditions. The insulated cover is durable, and retains heat inside the tub for much longer than a standard fiberglass cover.

You can choose from the following colors – black, gray, brown.

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