Insulated frame sauna 230×340

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We can make a sauna according to your example, contact us and we will discuss your sauna project.

We also manufacture frame houses, offices or premises for other purposes.

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Description of the frame sauna

Measurements outside the sauna: 340cm x 230cm

Sauna measurements: 200cm x 200cm

Measurements of the antechamber: 200cm x 100cm

Height outside the sauna: 255cm / 245cm

Height inside the sauna: 224cm / 214cm

Exterior finish: spruce wood paneling (can be painted in the color of your choice)

Interior finish in the sauna: type A paneling of linden wood

Interior finish in the anterchamber: spruce wood paneling type AB

Floor in the anterchamber: spruce wood floorboards

Floor in the sauna: vinyl coating + waterproofing material

Floor, roof, walls: Insulation 100mm PAROC wool

The frame of the sauna is assembled from Swedish, dry C24 wood

Sauna door: tempered tinted glass

Sauna window: 150cm x 130cm (tempered glass)

Anterchamber window: 150cm x 40cm (tempered glass)

Roof: double-layer bituminous coating + tinning

Sauna beds: linden wood (type A)

Sauna bed supports: linden wood (type A)

Electrical installation of a frame sauna

In the sauna, LED lighting is installed under the benches

Installed electrical panel

Sockets on the outside: none, can be installed (IP65)

All wires are heat resistant

Interior lighting: 2 pcs.

Anteroom lighting: 2 pcs. LED ceiling lights

Outdoor lighting: available, 2 pcs. (IP65)

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