Insulated frame sauna 235×600

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Both linden and aspen siding can be used in the sauna.

We can make a sauna according to your example, contact us and we will discuss your sauna project.

We also manufacture frame houses, offices or premises for other purposes.

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Description of the frame sauna

Measurements outside the sauna: 235cm x 600cm

Sauna measurements: 200cm x 200cm

Measurements of the antechamber: 200cm x 350cm

Height outside the sauna: 275cm / 255cm

Height inside the sauna: 235cm / 215cm

Exterior finish: spruce wood panelling

Interior finish: spruce wood panelling

Floor in the hall: spruce wood

Floor in the sauna: vinyl covering

Floor, roof: insulation 150mm PAROC wool

A water drain is installed in the sauna

Walls: insulation 100mm PAROC wool

Sliding aluminum door system: 210cm x 280cm (tempered glass)

Wooden door: 190cm x 70cm (tempered glass)

Sauna window: 170cm x 100cm (tempered glass)

Roof: tin

Stove: HARVIA M3 SL with fuel from the hall

Chimney: insulated, installed through the roof

Water tank: Yes

Sauna beds: aspen wood

Sauna bed supports: aspen wood

The frame of the sauna is assembled from Swedish c24 wood.

Electrical installation of a frame sauna

All cables are heat resistant

Installed electrical panel

There is a socket inside the sauna

There are sockets outside the sauna (IP65)

Interior lighting: yes

Outdoor lighting: Yes (IP65)

Frame sauna 235x600
Frame sauna 235x600
Frame sauna 235x600
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