Whirlpool MS-W700

The five-seater whirlpool MS-W700 provides unparalleled comfort. This whirlpool is equipped with two lying and three sitting places, massaged by 56 powerful jets, targeted at problem areas of the body. Each area of the pool offers a different massage experience.


Whirlpool MS-W700



Mande SPA

Designed for 5 people – 3 seats and two lying places

Mande SPA

Overall dimensions – 2230mm length / 2230mm width / 965mm height

Mande SPA

Whirlpool capacity – 1200l

Mande SPA

The production period is 4-6 weeks

You can also order goods by phone +37063434777 or e-mail info@mandespa.eu

You can also order goods by phone +37063434777 or e-mail info@mandespa.eu

Whirlpool MS-W700 specification

Insert Type: US Acrylic / White

Dimensions: 223x223x96cm

Heater: 3kw 230V

Massage pump: 2 x 2 HP

Circulation pump: 1 x 0.35 HP

Water nozzles: 56 units

Control: controller with Wi-Fi function


Filtration system: 2 pcs. filters

Lighting: large LED + perimeter LED

Waterfall: with LED

Music: bluetooth audio system

Warming: yes, with polyurethane foam

Finish: 8mm PVC plate

Frame and sole: aluminum

Whirlpool MS-W700 set

PVC steps

Heated thermal cover

2 spare filters

Special drain siphon

The acrylic whirlpool MS-W700 liner is highly resistant to chemicals. Due to the thick acrylic sheet and its unique color, scratches that appear during use will be difficult to notice.


Whirlpool MS-W700 is equipped with 56 powerful jets that are purposefully directed to problem areas of the body, so each area of the pool experiences a different massage.


The five-seater whirlpool MS-W700 provides unparalleled comfort. There are 3 sitting and two lying places, so you can enjoy the bath together with the whole family or a group of friends.


The built-in LED lighting of the whirlpool has as many as 7 different extremely bright flashing colors, which will provide special comfort.

Wi-fi remote control and Bluetooth music equipment

Control the whirlpool  simply from your phone. You just need to connect to a Wi-Fi network and download a special app.

Whirlpool’s built-in Bluetooth music equipment will allow you to enjoy your favorite music from your mobile device.

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